Info. 2024/04/26 久石譲の楽曲利用に関して(久石譲オフィシャルサイトより)

Posted on 2024/04/26


作曲家 久石譲と株式会社ワンダーシティは、久石による楽曲に関して、正規の手続きがなされていない利用や編曲は一切許可をいたしません。






Statement regarding the use of Joe Hisaishi’s music

Composer Joe Hisaishi and Wonder City Inc. do not permit any unauthorized use or arrangement of Hisaishi’s music without proper procedures. You must apply to a copyright management organization to use music, and it is required to obtain official permission from the composer to arrange his music.
Currently, we can find many concerts around the world that arrange and use Hisaishi’s music without permission. Arranging his music without permission is a violation of the composer’s copyright and moral rights, and is totally unacceptable. Additionally, there are some concerts that include Hisaishi’s name in the title, which could be interpreted by many people as concerts involving Hisaishi himself, but they are not approved by us.
We urge all users of Hisaishi’s works to obtain formal permission from the composer and adhere to copyright laws. We hope that Hisaishi’s music will be used more widely and fairly under mutually agreed conditions between users and copyright holders.

Wonder City inc.




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