Info. 2020/04/06 久石譲×麻衣「いのちの名前」SNS動画公開

Posted on 2020/04/06


新型コロナウィルスで自粛要請のつづく週末に、”stay at home”のメッセージとともに届けられました。




Stay at home by Joe Hisaishi
“May you stay at home with this spirited music, imagination and peace.”
“The Name of Life” from “Spirited Away” by Joe Hisaishi
Mai, voices
Joe Hisaishi, piano


from 久石譲公式Twitter

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and 2020.04.07 uploaded on YouTube

“The Name of Life” from Spirited Away by Joe Hisaishi

from Joe Hisaishi Official YouTube



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