Info. 2021/03/01 「Chobani : Eat today, feed tomorrow」チョバニ 久石譲音楽担当 広告動画公開

Posted on 2021/03/01

チョバニ(Chobani)の広告動画の音楽を久石譲が担当しています。チョバニは主にギリシャヨーグルトに特化したアメリカ乳製品企業です。コマーシャル動画「Eat today, feed tomorrow」公開されました。


Eat today, feed tomorrow (約30秒)

from Chobani Official


What if we created a future for ourselves that was full of optimism and positivity? This was the starting point for our new animated piece for Chobani. “Dear Alice” is a love letter from a grandmother to a granddaughter and an optimistic vision of the future of farming. It’s a nostalgic look towards a new era of agriculture, with beautifully crafted backgrounds, delicate animation and a completely unique score by long-time Ghibli composer (and absolute legend) Joe Hisaishi. (Yeah, we can’t believe this happened either).

We worked closely with Chobani to realise their vision of a world worth fighting for. It’s not a perfect utopia, but a version of a future we can all reach if we just decide to put in the work.

We love the aspiration in Chobani’s vision of the future and hope it will sow the seeds of optimism and feed our imagination for what the future could be. It’s a vision we can totally get behind. We couldn’t be more happy to be part of this campaign.




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