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海外での認知度も高い映画音楽を中心に、彼の音楽人生を代表する名曲ばかり。北野武映画曲 “Kids Return” “HANA-BI” の新規録音を含む、全28曲。2枚組みアルバム。




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2021年8月20日(金) 世界同時発売






Songs of Hope: The Essential Joe Hisaishi Vol.2 (AUG 20 2021)

New album, ‘Songs of Hope: The Essential Joe Hisaishi Vol. 2’ is now available to order! Stream my first single, a new recording of “HANA-BI”

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Joe Hisaishi Announces New Album ‘Songs Of Hope’

The acclaimed Japanese composer will release his new album ‘Songs of Hope: The Essential Joe Hisaishi Vol. 2’ in August 2021.

Acclaimed Japanese composer Joe Hisaishi, “The John Williams of Japan” (Pitchfork), will release his new album, Songs of Hope: The Essential Joe Hisaishi Vol. 2, on 20 August 2021. The first single from the album, ‘HANA-BI’ was released today.

Features Joe Hisaishi’s greatest hits from iconic films

Songs of Hope: The Essential Joe Hisaishi Vol. 2 follows the global success of Dream Songs: The Essential Joe Hisaishi Vol. 1 and features more of the composer’s greatest hits from iconic award-winning films, including Spirited Away and Porco Rosso, orchestral works and solo piano recordings, plus two brand-new recordings: ‘Kids Return’ and ‘HANA-BI’. The 28 tracks were remastered by the composer himself.

Joe Hisaishi, “The most acclaimed Japanese composer to have ever worked in film” (Pitchfork), is one of Japan’s most beloved and prolific composers. He is best known for his work with Studio Ghibli animation director Hayao Miyazaki and has scored all but one of his films, including three of the top five highest-grossing anime films worldwide.

Joe Hisaishi was a student of legendary anime composer Takeo Watanabe. He has released nearly 100 film scores and solo albums during his career. His distinct sound draws influences from American minimal music compositions, experimental electronic music, and European and Japanese classical music.

Hisaishi explained that when he composes film music, “I make sure I fully understand the characters, story, and visuals before I start my work, and my writing method would change between live-action films and animations. For solo works, the themes reside in me.”

The legendary composer has won numerous awards for his achievements in composition and film scoring. He is eight-time winner of the Japanese Academy Award for Best Music; he was awarded the Japan Medal of Honour in 2009; and he has composed soundtracks for two Academy Award-winning films, Departures (2008) and Spirited Away (2002).




01. ANGEL DOLL (映画『キッズ・リターン』より)
02. la pioggia (映画『時雨の記』より)
03. il porco rosso (映画『紅の豚』より)
04. Lost Sheep on the bed
05. FOR YOU (映画『水の旅人 侍KIDS』より)
06. White Night
08. Departures -memory- (映画『おくりびと』より)
09. TWO OF US (映画『ふたり』より)
10. Rain Garden
11. Friends
12. Summer (映画『菊次郎の夏』より)
13. Les Aventuriers
14. Kids Return (映画『キッズ・リターン』より) (初収録)

01. Links
03. Nocturne
04. Silence
05. MKWAJU 1981-2009
06. Ashitaka and San (映画『もののけ姫』より)
07. The Rain (映画『菊次郎の夏』より)
08. DEAD for Strings, Perc., Harpe and Piano: 1. D.e.a.d
09. Tango X.T.C. (映画『はるか、ノスタルジィ』より)
10. The Little House (映画『小さいおうち』より)
11. HANA-BI (映画『HANA-BI』より) (初収録)
12. Silencio de Parc Guell
13. WAVE
14. World Dreams



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