Disc. 久石譲 『THE GENERAL Original Motion Picture Soundtrack』

2004年9月23日 CD発売 ※輸入盤

2004年 第57回カンヌ国際映画祭 上映
サイレント映画「THE GENERAL」(邦題:キートンの大列車追跡)
監督:バスター・キートン 音楽:久石譲



the general import

1.The two loves of Johnnie Gray
4.A Train as a Target
5.Love Kidnapped
6.Facing the Moving Cannon
7.Chase and Traps
8.A Smoking Train
9.Manoeuvres around Chattanooga
10.The Forest
11.Getting Together
12.A Fragile Load
13.The Mighty General
14.Train Chase I
15.Train Chase II
16.A Train Without a Master
17.The Trapped Bridge
18.Back to the South
19.River Side Fight
20.Finals Cannons Shoots
21.Heroes of the Day
22.The Ballade of Annabelle and Johnnie

Bonus Tracks:(compatible PC/MAC)
23.Trailers 《The General》

All Compositions by Joe Hisaishi

except title 22:
music by Joe Hisaishi, lyrics by Georges Moustaki, Sung by Anna Mouglalis

Performed by The Tokyo City Philharmonic Orchestra

Piano solo:Joe Hisaishi

Recording Studio:
Wonder Station
Avaco Criative Studio
Les Studios de la Seine (vocals)


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